Mission Statement: 

B Green Group works to provide green sustainable solutions to help meet today's high energy demands.
B Green Group works to ensure waste fats, oils and greases, and a variety of other products are recycled into clean, green, renewable fuels; helping to create a cleaner and healthier planet for future generations. 

About Us:

B Green Group works in the field of alternative energy: feedstocks and biofuels. We specialize in the production, refining and conversion of feedstocks into biofuels. Working with recycled oils, fats, and greases ranging from used cooking oil to trap grease, and animal fats, we are able to refine, clean, and convert multi-feedstocks efficiently from their raw forms. 

We Also:

  • Purchase raw feedstocks
  • Purchase cleaned feedstocks
  • Convert cleaned feedstocks into renewable fuels
  • Provide cleaned feedstocks to other renewable fuel producers
  • Provide green renewable fuel for multiple uses ranging from home heating oil to powering industrial plants
  • Joint venture for production facilities
  • Consult in the recycling and alternative energy industry
  • Perform R&D to develop advanced new technology for the production of feedstocks and fuels